There different types of IP addresses and each are explained :-

  1. Uni-cast IP Address:-
  • As the name suggests it one time destination only address.
  • When we send a data packets/frames to particular destination directly without any interference.

2. Multi-cast IP Address:-

  • Operation:- The messages are linked with the distinctive network address and are sent to the group of IP Addresses that are already Pre-defined.Then the packet is redirected towards the destination that are linked to the predefined group of IP Addresses.
  • Here a single source is able to transfer the data packets towards the multiple destination devices.
  • They are used in Class D addresses.

3. Broadcast IP Address:-

  • These addresses are used to send the packets to all the destination devices that are in the network.
  • The packets that are received by the destination devices with proper broadcast address need to process the entire data.

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