What is Network?

When two or more devices are interconnected a network is formed and when they starts communicating with each other is they are known to be networking.

For Example when computers are connected with each other and starts communication then have a formed a Computer Network .

Computer Network

But ever wondered how can these computers talk to each other ? What additional components do we need to form a network?

A Network Connected Locally

The above diagram shows us various network components in order to form a network .

What is a Switch ? What are its Functions?

Switch: – 

  • Connects the networking devices in a network
  • Intelligent device 
  • Communicate through MAC address table (MAC Address- Hardware Address of the device  )
  • Each port works on a fixed band-width 
  • Duplex Communication 
  • Communication works on flooding and unicast 

What is Router ? What are its Functions?

Routers :-

  • Networking device used for communication between different networks. 
  • Intelligent device 
  • Uses logical addressing for communication 

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