Google Cloud Skills Challenge with Free skill badges and training

Google Cloud Skills Challenge

Choose a challenge track and race the clock to earn your recommended skill badges in 30 days

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Google Cloud Skills Challenge

Why try the skills challenge?

86% of IT leaders report that the shortage of cloud computing skills will slow down their cloud projects.
Earning Google Cloud skill badges will help you develop in-demand cloud skills and demonstrate your Google Cloud competencies. A skill badge is a digital badge awarded by Google Cloud in recognition of your proven cloud skills.

Google Cloud Skills Challenge

Tackle your New Year’s resolutions with new skills challenge, which will provide you with no cost training to build cloud knowledge and an opportunity to earn Google Cloud skill badges to showcase your cloud competencies. 

There are 4 initial tracks in the skills challenge: Getting Started, Data Analytics, Hybrid and Multi-cloud, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To begin, sign up for the skills challenge you’re interested in most to receive 30 days free access to Google Cloud labs. 

Each track will give you a chance to earn different skill badges such as the Foundational Infrastructure skill badge or Foundational Data, ML, and AI skill badge, which you can share with your network. To earn a skill badge, complete a series of hands-on labs on Google Cloud labs to learn new cloud skills and take a final assessment challenge lab to test your skills. 

Read on to find out which track in the skills challenge is best for you. 

Getting Started track

New to Google Cloud? Select the Getting Started track and use your 30 days access to Google Cloud labs to demonstrate your core infrastructure skills. You’ll learn how to write cloud shell commands, deploy your first virtual machine, and run applications on Kubernetes. It’s a great place to start for cloud engineers, cloud architects, IT practitioners, or anyone with some cloud computing foundational knowledge.

Data Analytics track 

This track is for data analysts ready to expand their skills into AI and machine learning. You will have a chance to demonstrate your understanding of BigQuery. You’ll learn how to do everything from writing and troubleshooting SQL queries and using Apps Script, to building classification and forecasting models.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud track

This track is for hybrid and multi-cloud architects ready to showcase their skills in managing containers with Google Kubernetes Engine and Anthos. You will also test your skills in security when deploying and managing production environments with Google Kubernetes Engine.

ML and AI track 

This track is for data scientists and machine learning engineers ready to prove their skills with Google Cloud tools like BigQuery, Cloud Speech API, AI Platform, and Cloud Vision API.

Choose your track and let the challenge begin.

Select your challenge track, and start earning the recommended Google Cloud skill badges by completing the series of hands-on labs and final challenge labs to test your skills–at no cost for 30 days.

You can complete one challenge each month, so check back next month to complete your next challenge.

January featured skills challenge

Getting started with Google Cloud

It’s a new year and a great time to build new skills with Google Cloud.

Select the Getting Started track this month, and race the clock to demonstrate your core infrastructure skills by writing cloud shell commands, deploying your first virtual machine, and running applications on Kubernetes.

It’s a great place to start for Cloud Engineers, Cloud Architects and those with a computer science background or some cloud computing foundational knowledge.

Getting started with Google Cloud

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Show off your skills

Once you’ve earned them, make sure to share your new Google Cloud skill badges on your social networks using #GoogleCloudBadge

After Registration Check your inbox to start your selected skills challenge with 30 days complimentary access to Google Cloud labs available on Qwiklabs.

Kickstart your skills challenge with hands-on learning

Register for the Getting Started hands-on learning webinar on Cloud OnAir, to give you a head start on this month’s featured skills challenge.

Google experts will walk you through a lab included in the Getting Started skills challenge, give you an overview of the fundamentals of the Google Cloud console and answer your questions.

 Register now.

Happy Learning!!

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