Always wandered what is the right way to start to become a cybersecurity Professional?

Have ever started learning something and realised in between this is not the right way?

Have you ever found it hard to match your interests to the career choice you want to be?

There is a lot information out there but not sure what is the pathway to become a professional and start your IT career?

Then you have come to the right place.

Join me in this journey to become an expert in cybersecurity .

I want to create a way where people who thrive to become a cybersecurity professional do not have to be puzzled to find their way around.

A guided way right from the IT basics to the best cyber security certifications to land your first role in the cybersecurity domain.

I want to share my knowledge and want to develop a resource where this can be a one stop shop to learn their interests and develop their skills to dive into their passion in IT .

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