Free Cybrary Courses - February 2021

Free Cybersecurity courses offer(Feb 21) from Cybrary.

Each month, since July 2020, the Cybrary is giving out a curated set of courses completely free.

This month Cybrary is offering a great set of courses for free

Make 2021 your year for career growth with the most recent collection of free courses that provide an entry point for both new professionals and veteran practitioners to further develop your skills.

For February, Cybrary looked to the top trends predicted for 2021 to bring you 8 courses from our expansive catalog, free.

As a bonus, they are keeping January’s selection of the sought-after certification CISSP, free all through February.

Here are the courses included in your free Cybrary membership until February 28, 2021

Free Cybrary Courses - February 2021

Insider Threats

This insider threat training course provides review of the “insider threat”.

Discussed will be subjects related to people, tools, technology, and processes employed to prevent, detect and respond to the insider attack.

This course will enable a student to confidently discuss “insider threat” concepts in a professional environment

Module 1: Introduction to the Insider Threat and Motivating Factors

1.1 Introduction to the Insider Threat and Motivating Factors13m

Module 2: Attack Methods

2.1Attack Methods13m

Module 3: Real World Attack Examples

3.1Real World Attack Examples9m

Module 4: Prevention and Detection

4.1Prevention and Detection17m

Module 5: Policy and Process and Employee Background Investigations

5.1Policy and Process and Employee Background Investigations16m

Module 6: Conclusion


Module 7: Course Assessment

7.1Insider Threats [Course Assessment]ASSESSMENT1h


This Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification course covers topics across six domains, to ensure the candidate has a wide range of competencies and is capable in the assessment and implementation of cloud service solutions.

The CCSP certification allows you to showcase your cloud knowledge and improve your organization’s security posture. It can also help you obtain an increase in compensation and create better positioning for new job opportunities.

Prerequisites for this CCSP Training

While there are no prerequisites for this course, it assumes that you have basic knowledge of information security and cloud concepts.

CCSP Course Goals

By the end of this CCSP course, students should be able to:

  • Know what the CCSP certification exam is about
  • Understand all six CCSP domains
  • Be prepared for the CCSP exam

In our Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) course, you will obtain a complete understanding of security risks and mitigation strategies associated with data security in the cloud and become prepared to pass the CCSP certification exam.

What is CCSP?

CCSP is the acronym for Certified Cloud Security Professional. It is a fairly new certification, introduced in 2015 by the ISC2 and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), that was created due to the increased popularity of the cloud and the security risks that came along with it.

The designation signifies that individuals who have earned it have a thorough understanding of the security associated with the cloud, but also with software, information and other cyber environments.

What Does this online CCSP Training Entail?

Our online Certified Cloud Security Professional course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to protect your organization’s cloud environment.

With more and more companies moving information to the cloud, it has become crucial to have experts in cloud computing.

This course will allow you to become one of those experts.

CCSP training covers all topics related to CCSP certification, preparing you to successfully pass the certification exam.

Upon completion, you will have comprehensive knowledge to understand the security challenges that are common to different types of cloud services, to select and implement appropriate controls to ensure the security of cloud environments, and the ability to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks to your organization’s cloud environment.

You will take an in-depth look at all six core domains of the CCSP common body of knowledge:

  • Architectural concepts and design requirements Cloud data security
  • Cloud platform and Infrastructure security
  • Cloud Application security
  • Operations
  • Legal and compliance


In this CISO certification training, you will learn what other CISO’s are focusing their time and attention on.

Among the key topics, you will learn how to implement the proven best practices that make for successful cyber security leadership.

What Does the CISO Certification Training Entail?

Cybrary’s online CISO certification course covers essential topics that all Chief Information Security Officers need to know to successfully perform in leadership roles in the business and technology industry.

It prepares IT professionals by covering areas including management, governance, projects, auditing, technologies, strategy, operations, and financing in the IT realm.

Because the CISO is an essential part of over 80% of all U.S. organizations, it’s important that they are skilled in the following areas, which are included in CISO training: – Security Investment & Measurement

  • Digital Transformation (DT): Security Implications
  • Cyber Risk Management & Security Metrics
  • Operational Cyber Resilience
  • Enterprise Security Governance & Planning
  • Realistic Security
  • Effective Incident Response
  • Managing Operational Threat
  • Developing a Crisis Communications Strategy
  • Information Security Law
  • Social Engineering
  • Building an Insider Threat Program
  • External Dependency Management

The CISO online course is a total of 4 hours of clock time, and you will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the training.

Cloud Architecture Foundations

In this Cloud Architecture training, students learn the basics of cloud computing across three platforms – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This class provides students with hands-on training and excellent instruction.

What is Involved in this Cloud Architecture Training Course?

In our Cloud Architecture training, students will have the opportunity to become familiar with cloud computing, what it is, what it does, and what the core architectural principles are.

The course will include an introduction to the three major cloud computing platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services – The AWS cloud platform is the number one cloud services provider. It’s important to be familiar with AWS because there are various certifications that are highly sought after by hiring organizations.
  • Microsoft Azure – This is the public cloud platform from Microsoft. It is also important as there are many users that work with the cloud services Azure provides.
  • Google Cloud – Google’s answer to cloud services is a collection of cloud computing services that operates on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for products like YouTube and Search. Upon the completion of this training, students will have basic knowledge of all three cloud services providers, preparing them to continue on with further cloud training courses and various certifications.

Zero Trust Networks

In the Zero Trust Networks training course, students will be introduced to the basics of the zero trust model as it’s applied to users, devices, applications, and network traffic.

The course covers zero trust concepts used to protect a company’s networks.

What is Involved in the Zero Trust Networks Training Course?

In our Zero Trust Networks training course, students will learn the fundamentals that are required to understand how trust can be managed on users, devices, applications, and network traffic.

The zero trust model will be covered, as will the best practices for implementing this model. These best practices may include:

  • Keeping network security policies updated and evaluated for vulnerabilities by testing policy effectiveness periodically.
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication for every user without any exception.
  • Validating every device that attempts to log into the network, only allowing access to the devices that meet security requirements.
  • Using network segmentation, perimeter segmentation, and microsegmentation to secure individual network aspects.
  • Maintaining as much visibility as possible throughout the company to help prevent abuse of access that may lead to an information breach.
  • Reviewing lists of user accesses and administrators regularly.

The total clock hours for the Zero Trust Networks training course is 1 hour, 17 minutes. Upon completion of the course, students will earn 2 CEU/CPE and will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Identity Access Management

In this course, students will learn identity and access management- namely the feature details of AWS IAM- and gain an understanding of IAM relationships with other AWS services.

AWS Cloud Certified Practitioner

This AWS Cloud Practitioner training will prepare students to pass the related certification exam. In this course, students will learn the foundational principles of the AWS cloud platform to develop a solid understanding of the AWS cloud.

What is Involved in this AWS Cloud Practitioner Training?

In Cybrary’s free AWS Cloud Practitioner training course, students will learn all the applicable skills and information they need to know to attain their certification. The areas that are covered both in training and on the certification exam are:

  • Basic understanding of core architectural principles
  • AWS cloud’s value proposition
  • Fundamental AWS services and how they are used
  • Essential aspects of AWS’s security and compliance model
  • Core implementation and operating principles

Advanced Malware Analysis Redux (NEW January Course)

In this course, we introduce new techniques to help speed up analysis and transition students from malware analyst to reverse engineer. We skip the malware analysis lab set up and put participants hands on with malware analysis.

PLUS, remaining open from January is…

CISSP (contains labs)

CISSP is the basis of advanced information assurance knowledge for IT professionals. Often referred to as the “gold standard” of security certifications, CISSP is one of the most important distinctions an IT professional can have on their resume.

About the CISSP Certification Exam

In order to earn the official certification for CISSP, you must take one required exam. Test-takers must pass the multiple choice CISSP exam (three hours, up to 150 questions, in an adaptive exam) with a scaled score of 700 points or greater out of 1000 possible points, and you must achieve a pass in all eight domains.

Certifications are valid for three years. Re-establishing your certification status requires certain guidelines to be followed, requiring Continuing Professional

Education (CPE) credits . For more information on maintaining certification, visit (ISC)2’s website.

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