Free Full Stack Development Foundation Bootcamp offer

Free Free Full Stack Development Foundation Bootcamp offer from Grey campus.

  • 4-day long, immersive, knowledge-packed bootcamp
  • Attend classes online and solve coding challenges with peers
  • Never miss out on classwork with recordings of all live-online sessions
  • Work on 2 real-world projects to actively reinforce your learning 
  • Receive training and mentoring from instructors with industry experience
  • Gain access to active support for all your course queries

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This program is aimed at giving you a clear understanding of intermediate-level concepts in full-stack programming. This program will enable you to develop a fully functional real-world web application based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a step-by-step approach that puts into practice everything you learn as part of the free bootcamp.

This boot-camp is for you if –

  • You are looking to gain a foundational understanding of Full Stack Development
  • You want to know if Full Stack Development is for you by getting your hands dirty
  • You have questions about Full Stack Development and want the advice of experts
  • You need a platform to turn your creative ideas into full-fledged web-applications

Upcoming Dates

February 16, 20214 daysTue-Fri
12:00 AM – 04:00 AM AEDT
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Program Curriculum

Designed by our trainers who come with years of industry experience, this bootcamp is a blend of both up-to-date theory and relevant practical application. Broadly, the topics we’ll cover in this program include:

  • HTML5
  • CSS, CSS3 – Responsive layouts
  • JavaScript – DOM, ES6
  • Data Manipulation – Arrays, Strings, Objects
  • Real-world Projects


Project 1- Clone of Candy Crush Game

The candy crush game clone will be the practical execution of all the concepts covered in the program. It will be a guided project done during a live coding class. The project covers the design and development that includes HTML page creation and CSS animations with the power-packed JavaScript code to make the application super functional.

Project 2- Clone of Color Flood Game

By the start of this project, you will be capable and experienced to develop your clone of the ‘color flood’ game. This project will be done individually giving you complete freedom to express your creativity and approach in terms of coding.

Happy Learning!!

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