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Register anytime in September – but be sure to complete the challenge in 30 days with your priority access. Unlock a new challenge every month.

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Why try the skills challenge?

Build new skills | Advance your career | Strengthen your resume

86% of IT leaders report that the shortage of cloud computing skills will slow down their cloud projects.

Earning Google Cloud skill badges will help you develop in-demand cloud skills and demonstrate your Google Cloud competencies.

A skill badge is a digital badge awarded by Google Cloud in recognition of your proven cloud skills.

Choose your track and let the challenge begin.

Select your challenge track below, and start earning the recommended —

Google Cloud skill badges by completing the series of hands-on labs and final challenge labs to test your skills–at no cost for 30 days.

You can unlock a new challenge every month, so check back next month to complete your next challenge.

September featured skills challenge

Getting Started skills challenge

September is a great time to build new skills with Google Cloud.

Select the Getting Started track this month, and race the clock to demonstrate your core infrastructure skills by writing cloud shell commands, deploying your first virtual machine, and running applications on Kubernetes.

It’s a great place to start for Cloud Engineers, Cloud Architects, and those with a computer science background or some foundational cloud computing skills.

Free Google Cloud skills Challenge 2021
Free Google Cloud skills Challenge 2021

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