An app from the onetouch applabs from India to remove the apps that are linked to China spurred a moment and had more than one million plus downloads until the google has decided to remove it from the play store stating that reason to be the violation of its policies .

The Application was created by a company onetouch applabs based Jaipur, India.According to their website, the application was created to push the initiative of making India more self-reliant.In simple terms the app scans the users mobile phone and shows up a list of apps that have links with China based on the research of the market and provides user an option to delete the applications.

According to the company the app is made only for educational purposes but it wont prompt the users in anyway to uninstall the apps that it filters out.It is merely giving out an option to the users whether they like to keep the applications or not by guidance and the app was based under the learning category and have not been used for commercial usage.

After the deletion of the app, the company thanked the users for their response and support since it hit a milestone of one million plus download within a short span of 10 days and thanked all the users for their support to the self-reliant India moment initiative.

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