Learn and earn with AWS re: Skill challenges

Learn and earn with AWS re: Skill challenges that offers a unique chance to learn and build community while participating and fun learning activities.

re: Skill in partnership with AWS Community is a platform developed by CodeOps Technologies LLP to help developers learn and upskill/reskill themselves on the AWS platform.

Improve Skills

Make the best use of this platform to reskill yourself on AWS platform by going through the learning content and taking up the challenges.

Earn Rewards

Collect points and badges by participating in challenges, uploading your AWS certifications, submitting your blogs, referring people from your network, and more!

Build Network

Connect with experts, community leaders and fellow passionate enthusiasts to expand your network and accelerate to the next level in your career.


There is a vibrant community of 20+ AWS focused user groups across India.

These user groups are peer-to-peer communities that meet regularly to share ideas, answer questions, and learn about new services and best practices. Find a user group near you and join today to participate in community activities.

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Learn and earn with AWS re: Skill challenges


Go through the learning videos and take up the challenge, and get an opportunity to win badges and points (As they say, it pays to learn!).

There are new challenges every week and month; so do revisit often to attempt new challenges (and look out for special challenges too!).

Challenges In June

Containers on AWS

This quarterly challenge covers a series of topics on Containers on AWS platform.

It starts with discussion on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) with manual deployment of containers.

The next session covers Kubernetes on AWS platform with introduction to Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) – a managed K8S service from AWS with manual EKS deployment.

The third session covers automated deployments of containers. It discusses CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) and Auto ECS Deployment. The last session covers the important topic of ECS logging and monitoring.

Persistent Storage for Modern Apps with EFS

This session is on modernizing your applications with serverless, containers and Amazon EFS.

This session introduces EFS and then deep dives into EFS and covers various use cases. It covers Modern Application Development with EFS and takes you through a demo. Also covered are Security and Developer and Administrative best practices.

AWS Security: Deep Dive with AWS Config & AWS CloudTrail

This is second part of the series on AWS Security. It covers various security related managed services available in AWS, how can they be categorized based on different usecases.

It dives deeper in to AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail services.


This leaderboard ranks the re:Skill users based on their score (the score is same as the “total points earned” – the number that is shown below your name in your profile section).If you want to get more points and be part of the leaderboard, you can do the following:

  • Successfully clear more current challenges. New challenges are planned to be released every week, month, and quarter. Note that you will get only a badge (and no points) if you successfully take an expired challenge.
  • Refer more people to join re:Skill.
  • Upload your AWS certifications by providing your Credly (earlier YourAcclaim) badge ids.
  • If relevant, select “Women in Tech” in your profile.

Please note that you will not get any prizes for topping the leaderboard (it serves to showcase that you are doing awesome!).


Go through the blog posts submitted by the users of AWS re:Skill. Our hearty thanks to the contributors who have created these blogs and shared them with the community in the spirit of free learning and knowledge sharing.

Are you interested in your blog listed here? Do share your blog, and earn up to 1000 reward points as well!

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