Azure VS AWS VS GCP Cloud Comparison


Storage Service : Azure VS AWS VS GCP

ServicesAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
Object Storage ServiceBlob[Unstructured Data]S3- Simple StorageCloud Storage
Archive StorageStorage-Cool/ Archive/hotS3- Glacier
S3-Glacier Deep Archive
Cold line
Hybrid StorageStorSimpleStorage GatewayEgnyte Sync
File StorageAzure FilesElastic File SystemCloud File store
BackupBackupObject storage
Cold Storage
Storage gateway
Cloud Native Backup
Hybrid Backup
Safe Backup
Bulk Data Transfer SolutionsImport /export
Azure Data Box
Data Sync
Import/ Export
Snowball Edge
Storage Transfer Service
Automatic Protection & Disaster RecoverySite RecoveryDisaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery

Networking & Content Delivery Service

ServicesAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
Load Balancing ConfigurationLoad Balancer
Application Gateway
Elastic Load BalancingCloud Load Balancing
Virtual NetworkingVirtual NetworkVirtual Private CloudVirtual Private Cloud
Dedicated Private Network ConnectionExpress RouteDirect ConnectDedicated Interconnect
Global Content Delivery NetworkContent Delivery NetworkCloud FrontCloud Interconnect
Manage DNS Name & RecordsTraffic Manager Azure DNSRoute 53Google cloud DNS
Private Network ConnectionExpress RouteDirect ConnectPrivate Google Access

Compute Service

ServicesAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
Platform as a ServiceCloud ServicesElastic BeanstalkGoogle APP Engine
Deploy, Maintain & Manage Virtual ServersVM
VM Scale Sets
EC2Compute Engine
Instance ScalingAuto ScaleAuto ScaleInstance Groups
Docker ContainersContainer ServiceEC2 Container ServiceContainer Engine
Kubernetes ContainersAzure Kubernetes Container ServiceEKSKubernetes Engine
Virtual Private SectorsVirtual Machine ImagesLightSail
Integrate Systems & Run Backend Logic ProcessesEvent Grid
LambdaCloud Functions

Security Service

ServicesAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
Authentication & AuthorisationActive Directory, AD PremiumIAM- Identity & Access ManagementCloud IAM
FirewallApplication GatewayWeb Application FirewallCloud Armor
Identity ManagementActive Directory B2 CCognito
Data EncryptionStorage Service EncryptionKey Management Service
Cloud Service with ProtectionDDoSSheild

Database Service

ServicesAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
Block StoragePage BlobsEBSPersistent Disks
Object StorageBlobs & FileS3Storage Block
CachingRedis CacheElastic CacheCloud CDN
Database MigrationDB Migration ServiceDB Migration Service
Managed Data Warehouse SQL Data WarehouseRed ShiftBig Query
Relational Database As a service ManagementSQL DB
DB for MySQL/ PostgreSQL
Relational Database serviceCloud Spanner
NoSQL(Indexed)Cosmos DBDynamoDBCloud Datastore/Big table
NoSQL(Key-Value)Table StorageDynamoDBCloud Datastore

Management & Monitoring Service

ServicesAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
AdministrationLog Analytics
Resource Health
Storage Explorer
Operations Management Suite
Application Discovery Service
Personal Health Dashboard
System Manager
Cloud Console
Cloud Advisor Portal
Application Insights
Cloud Watch
Management Console
Cloud Shell
Error Reporting
Devops Deployment Automation
Resource Manger
VM Extensions
Cloud Formation
Cloud Deployment Manager
BillingBilling APIBilling APIBilling API
Management & MonitoringAdvisorTrusted AdvisorCloud Platform Security


Cloud ProvidersModelsPricing
AzureOn demandPer Minute
AWSOn-demand, reserved, spotPer Hour
Google CloudOn-demand-sustained usePer Minute

Additional Features

ServicesAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
Operating SystemsAll Windows , All UNIX/LinuxAll Windows , All UNIX/LinuxAll Windows , All UNIX/Linux
SLA’sUp to 99.9% Uptime EC2- 99.95% Annual Uptime / S3- 99.9% Monthly Uptime 99.95% Monthly Uptime
MarketplaceAzure MarketplaceAWS MarketplaceG suite Marketplace

Benefits of Azure, AWS & GCP

S No.AzureAWSGoogle Cloud
1Microsoft Tools IntegrationExcellent Features serving needs in
Security etc
Expertise in DevOps
2Good development & Testing toolsExtensive OfferingFlexible Discounts & Contracts
3Open source tools IntegrationHybrid CloudServes Cloud Based Businesses
4Global Reach
5Dominant Market Share

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Drawbacks of Azure, AWS & GCP

1Need Expertise to Operate No Hybrid CloudDoesn’t offer as many services as compared to other two clouds
2Need to Manage PlatformToo Many optionsLess Datacentres

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Cheat Sheet for Cloud Services

Ultimate Cloud Services comparison 2020 Azure VS AWS VS GCP
Ultimate Cloud Services comparison 2020 Azure VS AWS VS GCP

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