Best Free CyberSecurity online certifications 2020

#1 Fortinet

Network Security Associate (NSE1)

This Course is a free Cyber Security Certification from Fortinet

Fortinet is an American company that focuses in development of Cyber security technologies such as Firewalls etc.

What is this Course about ?

The Course addresses the Cyber Threats in everyday life.

What Certification will you get from this Course?

What is the Validity of the Certificate?

Validity- 2 Years and can be Renewed

How to Get this Free CyberSecurity Certification From Fortinet?

What are the Modules covered in this Certification

  • Lesson 1—Bad Actors
  • Lesson 2—Data Security Perspectives
  • Lesson 3—Password Perspectives
  • Lesson 4—Internet Threat Perspectives
  • Lesson 5—Insider Threat Perspectives

#Step 1

Click Here to go the NSE training Centre

#Step 2

Click on the Login button to go the Signup Page

# Step 3

Click Here to go the NSE 1 Certification Course

#Step 4

Click on get Started to Enroll into the Course

#Step 5

Complete all the modules and answer the quizzes

The score must be more than(> 80% ) to get the certificate

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#2 Fortinet NSE 2

Network Security Associate (NSE2)

This Course is about the CyberSecuirty Evolution at the Enterprise

What are the Topics Covered in the Free Cyber Security Certification Course?

  • SOAR
  • Cloud Security
  • SD-WAN
  • Endpoint
  • Threat Information Services
  • Firewall
  • Network Access Control
  • Sandbox
  • Secure Email Gateway
  • Security Information & Event Management
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Web Filter
  • Wi-Fi

What Certification will you get from this Course?

Since you already have a Fortinet Security Training Account

#Step 1

Click Here to register in NSE 2 (Network Security Associate 2)

#Step 2

Finish the Modules and score more than 80% in the quizzes

#3 Cisco

Introduction to Cyber-Security

What are these free Cisco Networking Academy Courses?

Introduction to Cyber-Security

How to Get Enrolled in this Free Cybersecurity Course from Cisco?

#Step 1

Go to Netcad Academy

#Step 2

Click Here to Go to Cybersecurity Course

#Step 3

Click On Sign Up

#Step 4

Login to the Netacad Academy to complete your course

#4 Cisco

Cyber-Security Essentials

Cyber-Security Essentials

Assuming you already have Netcad Academy Account

#Step 1

Click here to register for Cyber-Security Essentials

#Step 2

Finish the modules along with the Final Quiz to get your course completion certificate

#5 Cybrary

Introduction to IT & Cyber-security

How to Get this Free Cyber-Security Certification Course ?

#Step 1

Go to Cybrary

#Step 2

Signup for a free account

#Step 3

Go to Introduction to IT & Cyber-security

Enroll in the Program

#Step 4

Complete the Course to receive you free Course Completion Certificate from Cybrary

#6 Linux Foundation Training

Introduction to Linux (LFS101)

#Step 1

Go to Introduction to Linux

#Step 2

Click on Enroll for free

#Step 3

It redirects to EDX

Create or Login with your Edx account to enroll into the course

Happy Cyber Learning!!!!

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