Are you interested artificial intelligence ?

You want to teach machines and explore the new world of possibilities??

Then you have come to a right place. This is a free AI course

Yes !!!!! you heard right

What is the Course?

Artificial Intelligence

Who is offering the course?

University of Helsinki

How many parts is the course?

How long is the course for Part 1?

30 hours

What topics are covered in the Course?

How is it marked?

Based on Quizzes

Will I get a certificate?


Who is this course for?


How is it Offered?

How to earn your certificate?

10 minutes

How to Get the free course along with certification?

  1. Go to the Google Digital Garage
    Click on Sign-In
    Login with your Email/ Google Account

  2. Click here to Directly go to the course
    Then click on the “Visit University of Helsinki”

  3. You will be redirected to the main course
    Click on “Start Course” Option

  4. You will be redirected to the below page
    Sing-up to enrol into the Program

Happy Learning!!!

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