Free datascience courses

Free Data Science Courses -Python, R, SQL & ML from Dataquest.

Online Platforms paved a way to the new era of technical learning.

Often times various online platforms make their courses available to everyone for free for limited period of time.

Dataquest is offering its platform for free for everyone who want to try out various Data science courses.

Each user can sing up without any Credit card details.

The courses available for free and the duration of its availability is:

Free week runs from Sept 21 through Sept 28, UTC. 

Dataquest is offering this initiative under:

Dataquest free week

How to Enrol for Dataquest free week?

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to enrol for Dataquest free week?

  1. Click Here to Sing up

    Enter your details here to sing up
    Dataquest free week

What’s included in Free Week?

  • All  programming courses (Python and R)
  • All  SQL courses
  • All statistics courses
  • All  machine learning courses
  • All guided projects
  • 100% of the learning material on the platform!

What is the Bonus Offer?

Dataquest free week

You need to complete at least one mission in this free week to be eligible to get a Free Data science career resources pack.

Once you finish your free week, each user can access a special offer from Dataquest .

Their Premium Annual membership is On sale! Save 50%

Dataquest free week

What’s in the data science career resources pack?

The data science career resources pack is a Downloadable ZIP file and has:

PDF resources relating to getting your first job in data science
30,000+ word ebook on the data science job application process
additional career resources

When do I get the data science career resources pack?

Completing a mission will not instantly unlock the pack! 

After free week is over,

The Data will be analysed from the platform to decide the eligibility.

Then you will receive an email to the account associated with your Dataquest account that will contain a downloadable zip file sometime on or before October 9

What learning Paths available in the Dataquest Platform?

Data Analyst with Python

Data scientist with Python

Data Engineer

Data Analyst In R

Will I get a certificate after completion of Modules?

Yes, you will awarded a certificate

I hope this information helps all the learners

Happy Learning!!!

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