Clear Startup Applications

Startup Applications runs automatically after you start your system and these applications run quietly in the background.

Who doesn’t like to use wonderful applications to make our lives easier??

We install applications over the time and even though these applications might seem closed but they might be running in the background that eats chunk of your processing power of the computer.

So, how do we clear these applications and speed-up our system?

Time needed: 5 minutes

#Tip clear these applications and speed-up our system

  1. Open the Task Manager

    Go to the bottom bar and left click

  2. Simply search for the Task Manager
    You can use Ctrl + Shift + Esc

  3. Go to the startup tab to see all the applications that are running

  4. Simply left click on the service that you want to stop.
    Click on the disable option to stop the application running in the back-ground

  5. This stops all the enabled services and makes your computer faster.

    This improves the systems Performance in Windows

#Tip 2

Clear Startup services

To clear-out the services
Open Run
Type in “services.msc” and press ok

The service section will be opened as below
You will be able to see all the services running associated with different applications.

Every service is different type
Go to the services that are running automatically

Left click on the service to show this pop-up and click on the properties section

In the properties, go to startup type and change the type
Move the type to manual from automatic to stop the services running after boot-up of the system.
This stops all the automatic services and makes your computer faster.

#Tip 3

Free-up disk space

If the system runs on low disk space, the performance of the system gets impacted and might be one of the causes for your systems low performance.

Step 1:- Go to windows search and open settings

Step 2:- Go to the system and click on it

Step 3:- In the options, Go to the storage option

Step 4:- Click on the Storage sense option shown above to configure the settings

Step 5:- Configure the settings in the storage sense according to your requirements to clear up the unwanted data.

Step 6:- Finally, click on the clean now button to free-up the space to improve your system performance and make your computer faster.

#Tip 4

Drive health status

The errors in the drives is one of the factors to lower your systems performance and it is always good to check for any errors.

How do we find find the errors in the disk drives?

Step 1:- Go to CMD(Comand Prompt)

Step 2:- Run the CMD as an administrator

Step 3:- Type the command “WMIC”

Step 4:-Then type the command “diskdrive get status” to check the status of the drives in the system .

Step 5:- If the output shown is “ok”, your drives are safe and if there are not ok, it is advisable to change them to make your computer faster.

#Tip 5

Check for the viruses

Internet has become a part of our life and as we use it, we download lot of applications, movies, files etc.

These files/ applications might contain viruses which might be running in the background of your computer that slows the PC.

You can install anti-virus applications to remove theses and stop all the viruses.

This will enable you to make your computer run faster than ever.

Happy exploring and start making your PC fast as ever.

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