How to Install Python on Windows for scripting?

Python is one of the popular languages out there in the world.

Here we present you with step by step guide to  install Python to write scripts that perform file system operations.

The installation of python directly from the windows facilitates to solve the problems that comes with PATH settings.

Without the need for admin access this will handle the setup of the PATH settings.

5 minutes

How to Install Python on Windows for scripting?

  1. Go to your Start menu

    Enter “Microsoft Store” & click on the option of Microsoft storeInstallation of python

  2. Search from the upper-right menu and enter “Python”

    In the search menu, enter python to show all the available python versionsInstallation of python

  3. Click of the new version of python available

    Download the latest version of python
    “Python 3.8”
    Installation of  python

  4. Check the whether the python is installed or not

    After Installing the python to check the version, click on windows search box and open “Windows PowerShell”
    Installation of python

  5. Open “Windows PowerShell”

    After opening type in “Python –version” and confirm that the Python 3 is installed on the system.
    Installation of python

  6. Check for Pip version

    To check for Pip, Enter “pip –version
    Python Installation

The Microsoft python installation comes with the pip installation

What is Pip?

Pip is the package manager that allows the user to install & manage the additional python packages.

These additional packages doesn’t come with standard python library.

To confirm that you also have pip available to install and manage packages, enter pip --version.

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