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VPN -Virtual Private Network

What is VPN?

Simply put, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables users to connect to the Internet via an encrypted channel and provides secure data communications along with privacy.

How a VPN works?

The VPN provider directs the traffic coming from the user through its private server, so that all the traffic emerges from VPN server.

The VPN acts as a middle man while the user is connected to the internet and protects the user identity by hiding the ip address.

The data is encrypted and is passed through a private tunnel making the communications secure while data transmission. Since the data is encrypted, it cant be read by anyone.

VPN Protection

How companies use the VPN to enable secure Communications?

VPN appliance to serve the users in remote locations

The users connect to the companies VPN network and establish a secure tunnel to communicate with the server in the office Network. The offices at various places can communicate through a safe channel privately in the public network.

In the below diagram, we can observe the remote access is been established to safeguard the data transfers.

Corporate VPN

Types of VPN’s

SSL( Secure Socket Layer)To provide secure web browsing
The lock symbol
TLS(Transport Layer Security)Provides encryption to safeguard communications and replaced the SSL.
L2TP(Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol)It can be used as VPN with the addition of protocols in order to provide the encryption.
PPTP(Point to point Tunneling)Supports dial-up networks
IPSEC(Internet Protocol Security)Suite of protocols for encrypted connections

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