Free Google cloud One Weekend Challenge

Free Google cloud One Weekend Challenge for this weekend

Hit the ground running in 2021 with Serverless Cloud Run Development.

Be one of the first 50 to share your new badge on LinkedIn, and get a special gift – to help you with your next step!

Use the code mentioned below to complete your first lab.

CODE: 1q-weekend-003

Free Google cloud One Weekend Challenge

Challenge rules:

  • Enroll into the challenge with the given code and earn the skill badge by February 7, 2021
  • Once you sign-in, you will receive 9 credits for your first lab. Complete your first lab and earn 35 credits to earn the skill badge
  • Bonus!! All those who complete the quest will receive additional 50 Qwiklabs credits for their next quest
  • Share your badge on LinkedIn with #GoogleSkillBadge and #LoveQwiklabs
  • The first 50 who complete and share the badge on LinkedIn with the hashtags will receive exclusive Qwiklabs perkstore voucher codes

Enroll Here

Free Google cloud One Weekend Challenge

FAQs Free Google cloud One Weekend Challenge

Q: I have already completed Serverless Cloud Run Development skill badge. Can I still get the Free Qwiklabs perkstore voucher code?

A: Congratulations on earning this skill badge! While those who have already completed the quest aren’t eligible for free Qwiklabs credits, you can still share your badge on LinkedIn with #NewYearNewSkills and #GoogleSkillBadge for a chance to win Qwiklabs perkstore codes.

Q: When will I receive my perkstore voucher?

A: The vouchers will be distributed to the winners latest by Friday i.e. 19th February, 2021.

Q: My account is blocked! What should I do?

A: Reach out to in case your account is blocked or if you have any other queries.

Having trouble enrolling?

  • If you are already signed in to Qwiklabs, you need to sign out
  • Click on the Copy Code button
  • Click on the Enroll button
  • Enter the code when prompted
  • Hit Submit
  • Sign in to Qwiklabs. Sign up in case you don’t have a Qwiklabs account yet
  • You would have received your 9 credits
  • Enroll into the quest Serverless Cloud Run Development
  • Start the first lab by clicking on the Start Lab button. Make sure you click on End Lab button once you’re done with the lab
  • You will receive 35 Qwiklabs credits to complete the whole quest
  • Once you complete the quest, you would receive additional 50 Qwiklabs credits

Terms & Conditions

By participating, you’ll join an online challenge where you will race to finish a series of cloud-based tasks using Google Cloud.

Each person can play only once and the prizes are limited to one per person. Additionally, prizes are limited to one per person per 30 days. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have up to 2,000 spots available.

Please ensure that accepting this offer complies with your organization’s own Code of Conduct. Government employees may not enter. Participants may not enter this challenge if such entry would be prohibited by applicable US trade sanctions programs. Winners will be notified by email within two weeks after the event. Please see Google’s privacy policy at

By participating, you’re accepting the terms and conditions for Qwiklabs and Terms & Conditions above.

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