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Here the process of getting the access to the premium subscriptions to the Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning and Data camp is explained.

Pluralsight is an online platform offering a wide variety of IT Professional Courses taught by experts.

Datacamp is an online Platform rich with Data science courses. You will be able to secure your free online certifications in various programming languages such as R, Python etc

LinkedIn Learning offers courses in various domains and is managed by LinkedIn which is one of the top Professional Networking sites.

You might be interested in Free Online Course Certifications from Google & Microsoft

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to get free access to the various online subscriptions?

  1. Go to Visual Studio Development Essentials of Microsoft
    Click Above link To Signup for the Program

  2. Click On the Join Now to enroll into the Program

  3. Signup for a New account
    Login Into your Microsoft Account
    Simply Sign In with your Git-hub Account

  4. You will be taken to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Page

  5. Scroll Down to Find all the benefits linked to your subscription Plan

  6. To Activate your 1 month Free Pluralsight Benefit
    Click on Get code

  7. You will get a Notification to activate your code
    You can use the code to access Free Pluralsight for 1 month

  8. Click on the Activate Button to Get your Free 2 months Access to the Data-camp
    You can use data-camp to learn data science and earn your free digital certifications.

  9. You will be redirected to this page after you click on activate button.
    Create your account to get Your Free 2 Months Datacamp Training as well as free certification courses.

  10. Click on Linkedin Learning to get your Free 1 month Plan

  11. You will be redirected to the below page to signup
    But you need to provide your card details to get your 1 month benefit and cancel at any time within one month for not being billed.

  12. You will also have chance to explore many premium tools and services offered by Microsoft for a limited amount of time.

Happy exploring !!!!

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