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These are challenging times and we can make use of the time we have at home by keeping ourselves safe as well as by getting ready to the job market after this pandemic.

Many people are effected due to this pandemic and looking out for new roles and others looking out for new jobs. In response to the Covid-19 many big tech giants came forward and offered help to the people in order to develop the new skills & getting job-ready.

While it is so confusing to choose from various courses out there and what courses are the best for you ?? Here we curated a list of free courses from companies like Microsoft, Google etc.

Most of these free courses are providing free certificates. You can take advantage of this and develop your profile by adding them to your resume or updating them online to your LinkedIn Profile to showcase your new skills or to prove your proficiency in certain top notch skills.


Coursera is one of the biggest online platforms that offers wide range of courses along with certifications that certainly adds value to your resume.

This is the wonderful time to take advantage and grab your certificate if you are a college student or if you are looking to find a job.

There are many skills to pick up and try out your passion.

You can enroll into the courses for free before December 31st, 2020 and can learn for free through Dec 31st, 2020.

Free Courses for University and College students

Time needed: 5 minutes

Steps To Enroll:-

  1. Open the link

    Enroll Here

  2. Enter your College/University Email

    To check whether your college/university is eligible for the free access.

  3. Receive the link to access the Account

    You will be given a coursera account/ Your free access account will be added to the current coursera account with the list of all free courses to enroll.

Free Courses for High School Students

The Free Coursera Courses offered ranging from Science & Math to Computer Science to develop skills online even though away from schools.

Free Career Development Courses

These free courses are offered to the people who are looking to find their new roles and develop their personal branding.

These courses help to develop soft skills, personal branding, creative development and many more work related skills to equip yourself with job-ready skills.

Free Cloud Computing Courses

These Free Cloud Computing Courses offer foundations to develop and grow your career in the digital world.

These courses are offered to develop your cloud skills in all the major Cloud Platforms from Microsoft, google and Amazon.

You can pick your choice of cloud technology from Azure offered by Microsoft, AWS offered by Amazon web Services & Google cloud Platform offered by Google. These course help you to find your way in the field of Cloud Technologies with strong foundational Knowledge.

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Google Cloud

The tech giant google is offering its cloud platform Qwiklabs and provide people with hands-on cloud environment to learn for 30 days .

You will be able to complete the exercises and earn digital badges to show case your skills online.

gcd badge
cloud training
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cloud labs
Google cloud badge
How to get this free offer from google?

Click Here and press on claim now and fill in your details to get your free 30 days training offer.Freetraining


Microsoft Makes 250+ Hours of LinkedIn Learning Content Available for Free in response to the pandemic and to upskill the future workforce as a part of its global skills initiative.

According to the economic graph, Microsoft identified the Top 10 in demand jobs that were constantly growing over the period of four years and have lot of jobs available in the market with the prediction to have more job openings in the future.

These 10 Skills are made available to learn free of cost via LinkedIn Learning where you can roll and earn your free digital badge and certification

1. Become a Software Developer

2. Become a Sales Representative

3. Become a Project Manager

4. Become an IT administrator (Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification)

5. Become a Customer Service Specialist

6. Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

7. Become IT Support / Help Desk (Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification)

8. Become a Data Analyst

9. Become a Financial Analyst

10. Become a Graphic Designer

All the best for your Online learning

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