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Without any doubt Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages .

Python’s immense popularity in the world made it a favourite for many growing to many young developers.

Python is used in many applications ranging from web application development to data analysis.

Python is one of the core languages in the pathway to learn machine learning.

With python being the hot programming language to learn, the demand for the Python developers has never been sky high.

So, here comes the main question??

How to learn Python?

Should I learn python the hard way ?or is there any easy way?

To answer all these puzzled questions, we would like to put out the tutorials to learn python.

Tutorials for python in an easy manner to support the development of the learner.

So , lets dig in

What is python?

Python is a programming language that is widely used to develop/build various web applications.

Python is used to automate tasks and also used in Machine learning.

Python has easy syntax which enhances readability and makes the process of learning smoother

How to Install Python on Windows for scripting?

How to run Python code?

Python code execution needs a runtime environment/Interpreter.

No compilation needed.

How can the Python code be executed?

There are two ways in which Python code can be executed :

  1. Interactive mode

Simply put, each command you give as an input is interpreted and executed to give you the results immediately.

If the interpreter doesn’t have a file name, this will be taken as a default mode.

2. Script mode:

Here the python statements are executed in files using .py extension

Create you first Python statement

#1 Input/output statements


Type python to start the Python interpreter in the interactive mode.

The >>> is the interpreter

Then type the very famous first command “hello world”

print('hello world')
Python tutorials

To find help the syntax is



Python tutorials

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